3 for $10  w/side
3 for $10 w/side
 2 for $9 w/side
BBQ Pork Sliders
Southwest Fish Tacos
Brisket Sliders
Pulled Pork BBQ, brown sugar based BBQ sauce, "Carolina country slaw," on three Hawaiian Sweet Rolls
Sauteed wild Alaskan Flounder, Romaine, chipotle aioli, cilantro lime crema, on flour or corn tortillas
10 hour slow roasted Brisket, smoked Gouda, pickled red onion,  bacon &whole grain mustard vinaigrette on three
Hawaiian Sweet Rolls
2 for $9 w/side
2 for $9 w/side
Side Item
Chicken Gyro Tacos
Falafel Tacos

Homemade Curly Fries and Sweet Potato Chips
Garlic & cilantro falafel (ground chickpeas with spices), pickled red onion, romaine, & chimichurri (Southwest vinaigrette), on flour or corn tortillas
Sauteed chicken, romaine, diced tomatoes, tzatziki sauce, pickled red onion & oregano feta vinaigrette
on two flour or corn tortillas
We take great pride in our "hand cut" curly fries and hand cut sweet potato chips.
Choose from 1 of 2 different
dipping sauces.
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